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The Marine Hotel x Zenith Ltd...

Updated: 2 days ago

Nestled along some of the most coveted courses across the globe, Marine & Lawn Hotels & Resorts is a collection of bespoke hotels in the world's most distinguished golfing destinations.

Working to the directives of Recreate Certified, Zenith Ltd achieved a 99% reuse figure on all redundant FF+E during this guestroom and public area renovation program.

The doors were closed on this iconic hotel at the turn of the year to allow for the transformation to begin. Commencement on the works began in early January 2022, with a completion date set for Spring of the same year. Refurbishment specialists Zenith Ltd - a Recreate Certified member - are leading this transformation having already completed works at the Rusacks Hotel in St Andrews the previous year.

Having set their own impeccable reuse standards during renovation of the Marine Hotel's sister hotel - The Rusacks Hotel in St Andrews - Zenith Ltd would have done very well to improve on the 96% reuse statistic for redundant FF+E achieved on this previous project. In accordance with Recreate Certified's reuse standards and protocols, the team headed once again by Steve Chilvers, David Elliot and Andrew Yapp did just that achieving an FF+E redistribution figure of 99% from this site via 1st generation reuse protocols and mechanisms implemented in partnership with Zero Cost Scotland.

"We really do owe it to future generations to act now. As an industry (construction) we need to be doing so much more to combat climate change, I am delighted to be working to Recreate Certified's reuse standards on each of our projects."

- Steve Chilvers (Zenith Ltd)

504 individual resources were successfully recirculated via 1st generation reuse protocols. These resources were diverted from unnecessary landfill/recycling disposal methods, instead filtered through Recreate Scotland's zero cost circular economy frameworks keeping them in circulation and subsequently extending the life cycle of these resources.


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