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Building with a Pool

A collective of those who are ready to prioritise net zero carbon strategy in their resource/waste management protocols. Recreate Certification was founded in order to align members with the zero cost circular economic principles of Zero Cost Scotland.

Recreate Certified recognises industry leaders in the construction and refurbishment sector and promotes a new era of organisational behaviour, encouraging construction and refurbishment contractors to recreate their internal protocols for the management/disposal of assets and resources to support the collective push towards net zero carbon.


Helping your organisation towards net zero by going above and beyond current environmental guidelines whilst shaping your internal CSR policy and strengthening your reputation as a sustainable contractor.

Recreate Certified sets new standards for resource reuse and redundant assets management.

Becoming Recreate Certified demonstrates your organisations commitment to the environment and the collective push for net zero. Recreate certification demonstrates your organisations understanding that current environmental policies regarding the resource disposal and waste management do not go far enough with regards to the maximisation of carbon reductions in the sector.

The Foundations

Member organisations work to the following underlying principles of our certification...

Circular Resource Reuse

Implement circular resource redistribution strategies for unwanted resources. Create both open and closed loop reuse strategies, prioritising reuse over recycling on all sites.


Carbon Accountability

Take accountability for the carbon footprint associated with your redistribution and procurement protocols. Regular reporting and industry benchmarking.

The Zero Cost Economy

Zero cost, zero barriers. The foundation upon which Recrate Certified is built. Recreate Certified organisations will implement zero cost redistribution mechanisms into the redistribution frameworks. The flow of redundant resources is maximised via the removal of flawed resale mechanisms.

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Benefits of Recreate Certification

Carbon zero compliance
Reduced FF+E wastage
Reduced waste management cost
Tendering support
Improved stakeholder engagement

Recently certified in the construction sector...


Get Involved?


Read our principle foundations and vision

Evaluate and ensure your company or organisation has a requirement/desire to commit to our principles and vision.


Commit to our Zero Cost framework

Take time to analyse your current resource management protocols for both disposal/redistribution and procurement. If your organisation requires bespoke solutions, work with us to create and facilitate a tailored solution. 


Open the conversation

Let's talk! We are more than happy to visit you to discuss membership. Similarly we can arrange a video or phone meeting to get the ball rolling.


Strategy implementation

Work with us to create and implement a Recreate Certified, Zero Cost strategy for the redistribution of redundant resources.

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