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Trees From Above

Recreate Certified recognises industry leaders and promotes a new era of organisational behaviour, encouraging public and private sector organisations to recreate their internal protocols for the management of assets and resources to support the collective push towards net zero carbon. 



Recreate Certified was founded in 2018 as a measurable commitment to the reduction of carbon output associated with the management of redundant/unwanted resources as well as the sustainable procurement of resources. Member organisations work towards carbon neutral resource reuse and circular economic resource procurement strategies based upon our Zero Cost Economy principles.



Recreate Certified envisions a cross industry collaborative effort to reduce the carbon footprint of both the resource disposal and resource procurement systems. Underpinned by Zero Cost Scotland's principles of the Zero Cost Economy, lets work together to prioritise and maximise the reuse capacity for your resources.

A collective of those who are ready to prioritise net zero carbon strategy in their resource management protocols. Recreate Certification was founded by Recreate Scotland, aligning members with the zero cost circular economic principles.

The Foundations

Member organisations work to the following underlying principles of our certification...

The Zero Cost Economy

The understanding that the perceived monetary value of a resource is the biggest barrier preventing a carbon efficient circular strategy. Zero Cost, Zero barriers.

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Circular Resource Reuse

Implement circular resource redistribution strategies for unwanted resources. Create both open and closed loop reuse strategies, prioritising reuse over recycling. 


Circular Resource Procurement

Implement sustainable procurement strategies. Used and refurbished resource procurement priority. Remanufacture > manufacture.

Carbon Storytelling

Take accountability for the carbon footprint associated with your redistribution and procurement protocols. Regular reporting and industry benchmarking.

Get Involved?


Read our principle foundations and vision

Evaluate and ensure your company or organisation has a requirement/desire to commit to our principles and vision.


Commit to our Zero Cost framework

Take time to analyse your current resource management protocols for both disposal/redistribution and procurement. If your organisation requires bespoke solutions, work with us to create and facilitate a tailored solution. 


Open the conversation

Let's talk! We are more than happy to visit you to discuss membership. Similarly we can arrange a video or phone meeting to get the ball rolling.


Strategy implementation

Work with us to create and implement a Recreate Certified, Zero Cost strategy for the redistribution of redundant resources.

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