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Radisson Blu x TJL

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Thomas Johnstone Limited continue to set the benchmark for sustainable asset decommissioning protocols in the construction sector in central Glasgow...

Working to the directives of Recreate Certified, Thomas Johnstone achieved an 87% reuse figure on all redundant FF+E during the 5 phased 248 guestroom renovation program.

Dictating sustainable policies in the construction sector - an industry notorious for tight deadlines, short timeframes and non-progressive models of "waste" management - is simplified when the main contractor's management team are hyper aware of their environmental responsibilities and have previously made the commitment to change the waste directives in order prioritise 'waste to resource' strategies for FF+E.

Management trio Ross Johnston, Stewart Alexander and Richard Grubb, led by Project director Frank Foy, introduced Recreate Certified's reuse standards to the TJL framework back in 2020 during work at the Grand Central Hotel and were keen to replicate the reuse standards they had set during those works.

Approx. 5050 individual pieces of FF+E were handled by Thomas Johnstone's sustainability partners, Bright Green Environmental Solutions. Beds and mattresses, lighting and artwork, chairs and sofas, wardrobes, desks, tables, minibars and the Operating Service Equipment (ironing boards, kettles and irons), TJL worked to a zero skip policy for all reusable FF+E.

87%/4396 of the 5050 resources were successfully reused. Many of the current mattresses were factored into the refurb by TJL and a small number of items were claimed by members of staff at the Radisson Blu. The majority of resources were redistributed directly to end users based upon Zero Cost Scotland's Zero Cost Economy framework.

The remaining 13% of resources were deemed unfit for reuse for various reasons. The bulk of this recycling statistic was made up of soiled mattresses and bespoke fitted case goods. Mattresses were stripped back into component parts, all of which were then recycled back into construction materials via Recreate Scotland's recycling partners whilst wooden case goods were recycled via partnered recycling operatives.


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