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The Lowry Hotel x MRV Interiors...

The Lowry Hotel proclaims to be more than a home away from home, a luxury, a sanction, an escape from the mundane of everyday norms. With 165 rooms and 12 luxury suites, this hotel has recently been renovated to the highest standard under the management of MRV Interiors - A family based renovation specialist working to impeccable renovation specs whilst putting sustainability at the heart of their work in the sector.

Management at The Lowry Hotel dreamt of and then created a hotel that would become an icon of Manchester based on style, luxury, comfort and service. Little did they know, this hotel would then go on to become an icon of sustainability becoming Manchester's first Recreate Certified member in the hospitality sector.

MRV Interiors are an industry benchmark when measuring reuse statistics for redundant FF+E. An early adopter of the Recreate Certification, MRV have implemented reuse solutions for their clients throughout the UK. With reuse statistic never falling below 92%, they would go onto to maintain these impressive standards on behalf of the Lowry Hotel during renovation works in 2021.

In accordance with Recreate Certified's reuse standards and protocols, the team headed by Martin Harvey Snr and Martin Harvey Jnr, in collaboration with The Lowry Hotel's Director of Operations - Jason Orton, achieved an FF+E redistribution figure of 93% via 1st generation reuse protocols and mechanisms implemented in partnership with Recreate Scotland, Bright Green Environmental Solutions and Zero Cost Scotland.

"We have been working to Recreate Certified reuse standards for FF+E for a while now on the majority of renovation works. The Lowry Hotel where very keen to work to a program of reuse rather than recycling during the renovation and were very proactive in facilitating the solution."

- Martin Harvey (MRV Interiors)

1200+ individual resources were successfully recirculated via 1st generation reuse protocols. These resources were diverted from unnecessary landfill/recycling disposal methods, instead filtered through Recreate Scotland's zero cost circular economy frameworks keeping them in circulation and subsequently extending the life cycle of these resources.


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