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The Midland Hotel

The Midland Hotel's commitment to resource reuse during soft refurb...

The Midland Hotel, Manchester achieved an impressive 89% reuse figure on redundant bases and mattresses during their 3 phased install of new product.

Matthew Paxman-Hughes - Regional Facilities Manager for the Leonardo Hotel Group had already created a benchmark for sustainable policies in Manchester having overseen a program of sustainable renovation for another certified member in Manchester's hospitality sector. The Reginal Facilities Manager having moved to work with The Leonardo Royal Hotel Group was keen to continue laying the framework for sustainable refurbishment policies during the program of bed and mattress renewal at the Midland Hotel and did so via a collaboration with Recreate Scotland and Bright Green Environmental Solutions.

101 full beds of various sizes (Divan bases & mattresses) and 14 bed bases without mattresses were renewed with the equivalent redundant resources being removed for reuse. 89% of redundant mattresses and bases were successfully redistributed directly to end users both in Manchester & surrounding areas and in Edinburgh, Scotland via Bright Green Environmental Solution's distribution depot.

The remaining 11% of resources were deemed unfit for reuse. Inevitably during any mattress renewal process particularly in the hospitality/hotel setting, some mattresses are required to be processed as hazardous waste. These mattresses were stripped into component parts, all of which were then recycled back into construction materials via Recreate Scotland's recycling partners.


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