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J.T. Ellis & Co x Abbey College

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

J.T.Ellis & Co revamped piloted a Recreate Certified reuse strategy for redundant mattresses during this program of installation at Abbey College, Cambridge...

Working to the directives of Recreate Certified, J.T.Ellis & Co achieved a 98% reuse figure on redundant mattresses during the installation works of 134 new.

J.T.Ellis' sustainability management framework - Eco Ellis - boasts of carbon monitoring measures, sustainable travel practices for employees getting to and from work, reductions in board waste, energy management and a sustainable supply chain.

But we can do more, and we are committed to doing so.

- Richard Ellis - Managing Director

Spearheaded by Jonny Braunton - Head of Residential Accommodation, J.T.Ellis were actively seeking to overhaul the way in which they handled redundant resources when installing new product. The group were looking to prioritise 1st generation reuse of redundant goods on behalf of their clients.

Partnering with Bright Green Environmental Solutions offered J.T.Ellis the opportunity to obtain Recreate Certification for the sustainability credentials achieved during work at Abbey College, Cambridge. The supply of 134 new mattresses was coupled with the requirement/opportunity to remove and reuse 134 redundant mattresses from the on-site accommodation at the college.

98% of the 134 mattresses were successfully reused via 1st generation reuse strategies placing resources directly to end users both in Cambridge and further North. The majority of resources were redistributed directly to end users working in accordance with Zero Cost Scotland's Zero Cost Economy framework.

The remaining 2% (3 of the 134) of resources were deemed unfit for reuse. This minuscule recycling statistic was attributed solely to mattresses being soiled. These Mattresses were stripped back into component parts, all of which were then recycled back into construction materials via Recreate Scotland's recycling partners.


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