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Grand Central Hotel x TJL...

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Glasgow's most iconic hotel famed for its friendly and charming welcome adds a Recreate Certification to its repertoire.

The 19th century landmark in the centre of Glasgow was to undertake a complete internal refurbishment commencing late 2019/early 2020. Thomas Johnstone Ltd - a Recreate Certified Gold member - won the task of managing this project.

In an industry yet to regulate the management of redundant resources during renovation works, Brian Fletcher (Contracts Manager), Stuart McKellar (Senior Q.S.) and Richard Grubb (Site Manager) were keen to set sustainability milestones and carbon diversion benchmarks for both the construction and hospitality sectors via the implementation of a Recreate Scotland resource reuse commitment.

Reuse was the priority for all redundant FF+E from this site as the management trio achieved a reuse high of 86% with 1344 individual resources successfully being recirculated via 1st generation reuse polices.

"We are always looking to improve and refine our internal environmental policies and are very proud of these reuse statistics."

- Brian Fletcher, Contracts Manager (TJL)

What does this mean? In short, 1344 resources that traditionally would have been destined for landfill/recycling have avoided this fate. Instead, these resources filtered through Recreate Scotland's zero cost circular economy frameworks.


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