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Edinburgh Leisure for a healthy environment...

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The Edinburgh based health and wellness charity flexes their sustainability muscles with the introduction of a Recreate Certified resource diversion strategy for redundant FF+E...

The completion of Meadowbank will see the group relocate their head office from the west of the city into the newly re-built sporting facility. Heading for pastures new, the group would be leaving behind the majority of the furniture from their old facility. Tasked with managing the move and subsequent disposal of redundant FF+E is the group's Health and Safety/Facilities manager Gordon Forsyth. Gordon is keen to steer the groups sustainability policies away from traditional recycling frameworks, favouring circular solutions to ensure that redundant resources are given the opportunity for a second life.

"In moving to a new office space requiring smaller desks we looked for a sustainable solution which would encourage reuse of our existing desks and shelving where possible. This was a new field for us and Recreate Scotland offered a simple solution where they would remove and store our equipment whilst guaranteeing its reuse for others looking for furniture in the community. This option suited us. Where other companies appear to try and profit from the sale of their old equipment, we prioritised sustainability and loved the zero cost reuse option offered to use by Recreate Scotland."

- Gordon Forsyth, Health, Safety and Compliance Manager (Edinburgh Leisure)

Recreate Scotland worked with Edinburgh Leisure to create and support the implementation of circular economic strategies for the reuse of resources or redundant for the organisation. Becoming Recreate Certified will hold Edinburgh Leisure accountable for their carbon footprint associated with the management of redundant resources. Starting with FF+E from Vantage Point HQ.

Edinburgh Leisure have achieved a 98% reuse rate for all redundant FF+E from Vantage Point prior to their move to their new HQ in Meadowbank. The remaining 2% recycling rate accounted for items damaged beyond the point of repair.


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