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Tesco - Duke Street, Leith

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The Leith branch has made a commitment to support the redistribution of essential resources to families and individuals living in and around Edinburgh.


Tesco Duke Street join the growing network of Recreate Certified organisations in Edinburgh obtaining the certification for their commitment of their resources for the greater good of the environment and community in which they operate.

"Our priority is to continue to support the local causes that our colleagues and customers care about. We have set up national programmes that allow us to respond to these issues at a local level." - TESCO plc


The management team at Tesco Duke Street in Leith, Edinburgh, champion the advancement of sustainable practices to benefit the community in Leith. Stepping away from the obvious waste diversion obligations involved in the food supply chain, Fraser, Paul and Peter at the Duke Street store are exploring ways in which they can utilise non-food related resources in order to support sustainability and community projects simultaneously.

Partnering with Recreate Scotland, Tesco Duke Street have committed to support the redistribution of resources to individuals and families within Leith and greater Edinburgh via supply of reusable bags. The supply of the long life reusable bags is crucial to the attainment of environmental targets for the reduction of single use plastic for Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, Tesco and Recreate Scotland. The supply of these packing resources from Tesco will guarantee the continuation of a 100% sustainable supply flow of life changing resources.

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