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SIXT: Keeping Resources Moving...

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

The SIXT Group are the first vehicle rental company to be awarded the Recreation Certification for their commitment to the provision of commercial vehicles in working partnership with recreate Scotland as part of the Zero Cost Scotland movement.

The group headquartered in Germany is a family business founded in 1912 by Martin Sixt with a small fleet of just 3 cars. Surviving and adapting during 2 World Wars, the group ventured into the radio taxi industry before reforming as a car rental company in 1951. To this day the family ethos and blueprint of care and support of which the group was founded upon is evident to see. Their charitable arm; The Regine Sixt Children's aid foundation, Drying Little Tears - now the groups official CSR partner - works worldwide to develop and implement projects in education, welfare, healthcare and emergency aid.

Sixt's Drying Little Tears foundation has supported more than 170 projects over 50 countries from the construction of a learning centre for children in Israel to the supply of new toys for a day care centre in Switzerland.

The Sixt Group have played a crucial part in the delivery of resource redistribution solutions in Edinburgh/Scotland. Working as the logistics partner to Recreate Scotland, Sixt have facilitated extensive waste to resource projects and enabled resources - many of which are life changing for the families and individuals on the receiving end - to reach their final destination. Mobilising and delivering goods to families, individuals and communities in large enough volumes to positively impact both the environmental credentials of our cities and our support communities with a substantial amount or life changing resources, requires a large, reliable and flexible logistical network of vehicles of which the Sixt Group were able to provide.

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